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You Spin Me Right Round
Is All Fair in Le Creuset and War?

Happy Monday all!

I’m fortunate enough to work for a company that doesn’t usually mind too much if I want to work remotely for part of the day. This desire typically arises on unexpectedly sunny days where my porch or an outdoor table at a coffee shop seems like a far better office than the one I inhabit most of the time.

My 9-5 lair

If you live in SC, you know the weather last week was all sorts of sunny and perfect.

“So, Tom…” I asked my boss (for the first two days of my work week), “It’s going to be really really nice out today. You wouldn’t have a problem with me working remotely for the last part of the day would you?”

He raised an eyebrow the first morning. The eyebrow went higher the second the morning so I added an additional plea of “I need Vitamin D, Tom. Otherwise my brain can’t create Seratonin and I’ll be miserable. You don’t want that for me, do you?”

By Wednesday (another gorgeous day), I knew I was pushing it, so I tossed a few extra items in my car before driving to work.

“So, Tom…” I began. “It’s going to be really really nice out today…”

Jillian,” he warned, raising a hand to cut me off.

“Nononono…let me finish. Would you mind if I worked right outside of this building this afternoon?” I smiled (hopefully) convincingly.

“Let me guess. You brought a table to set up outside.”

“Yes, and other various accoutrements such to make my outdoor office as pleasant as possible.”

“Do you think you’ll have the right ambiance?”

“Yes. I even brought incense, just in case.”

“Fine, Jillian. Enjoy watching random people vomit in our dumpster.” <—-I’ve never actually seen this happen.

Working al fresco!

I understand that a lot of companies frown a little harder on working from home or remotely than mine (a mistake in my book). But have you tried asking for a (n admittedly odd) compromise like the one I went for? What would you need to create an ideal mobile office? Would a change of scenery make your work a little more pleasant and creative?

Maybe you could get a few coworkers in on it too. :)

Let the movement begin!


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