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From Flared to Skinny: An Easy-Peasy Jeans ReFashion
Helluu MuuMuu!

I was relieved when the friendly-ish clerk at one of my favorite thrift stores only charged me for one piece, rather than 3 when I purchased this…outfit.

3 easy pieces!
3 easy pieces!

I LOVE that print! But I HATE this outfit. However, I was excited to have a good bit of fabric to work with between the skirt, shirt, and sash.

And I couldn’t help but giggle a little at the label:

Vera Wang's less-popular sister?
Vera Wang’s less-popular sister?

I decided to try and get a couple of different looks from this one. :)

My first look is totally no-sew!

All I did was pull the skirt up to under my arms, tucked the waistline in, cinched the waist with the included sash, and then added a black maxi skirt under it.

Oh so bohemian!
Oh so bohemian!

The strapless top let my shoulders get a little sun, too!

...and that I look nekkid in photos from the collarbone up! :/
…and that I look nekkid in photos from the collarbone up! :/

My new (albeit temporary) frock enjoyed a pop up beer garden with some nice fellas.


I wonder what I’ll do with this one next. Any ideas? :)


Ribbet collage

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