An Anticlimactic Thrift Score Thursday

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I loathe to disappoint you guys, but this week was a total thrifting bust. :/

My luck of recent weeks completely eluded me, and for the first time I can remember, I brought home absolutely nothing. :/

However, I do have a few interesting contenders to share.  
At first glance, this sweater looked really fun and unique. I imagined it wth skinny jeans and boots…until I took a closer look and saw all of those rust stains at the shoulders. I’ve never had much success getting those out, so I left this one behind. Womp.

This retro slicer/grater thingy also tempted me.  

I already have a food processor, so I have no need for this, as cool as it may look.

Here the path to hoarding lies, my friends. Womp womp.

And I’m SURE if I had purchased these they’d sell for a ton on eBay (And yes…That’s sarcasm)! Womp womp womp.

I also passed up on these odd fake wooden books.  Must be the condensed versions. Wompitty womp.

This mug was tempting for the sheer kitsch factor, but I maintained restraint.

In fact the only item I came close to buying was this mysterious $1 napkin and coaster set.

A quick wiki search on Hex Signs revealed that this set is just a cheesy souvenir. Meh.

So I have absolutely nothing fun to show you. :/ cross your fingers that my thrift karma will make a triumphant return!

In other totally unrelated news, I have bangs now! Does that make this post any more interesting? Probably not, but here they are.


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