Beeware! I Spy LaRoque and Aldo!

One Dress, Three Ways: Fake Vest Edition II
5 Sweater DIYs To Keep You Cozy All Winter Long

I’m quite happy with how today’s thrifted outfit came together. :)


Those among you with eagle eyes and a good memory will recognize that gorgeous angora/wool sweater from last week’s Thrift Score Thursday. :)

It didn’t look like much on the hanger…


…but its cautionary tag told me I probably shouldn’t underestimate it.

Was 'Beware' taken?
Was ‘Beware’ taken?

While I’m showing labels, check out this one from my skirt!

Buy local!
Buy local!

is a fairly upscale local brand here in Columbia, SC. It’s what I’ll be doing right after I win the lottery, only with repurposed/salvaged fabrics. Hey…a working class girl can dream.

My shoes are vintage Aldo brogues, purchased at a consignment shop, and the necklace used to belong to my grandmother. :)

A lot of folks have given these a lot of hate in previous blog posts, but I love 'em!
I dig ’em!

Despite the chilly weather, my sweater kept me oh-so-warm!


Here’s the total cost of today’s outfit:

Sweater: $1

Skirt: $1

Shoes: $15

Necklace: Free (Given to me by my Grandmother)

Come back tomorrow for Chapter Two of One Dress, Three Ways: Fake Vest Edition!


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