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A Scrap-Busting Infinity Scarf

As I’ve mentioned before, I have far more dresses than I do separates. This becomes a problem when I have a hankering to wear pants, but don’t want to look like a toddler by wearing a dress over them. ;) This means it’s time to show a little restraint and make a few tops for the colder weather.

On this slightly chilly evening, I chose this dress.


It’s about time I got to this one, as it’s been languishing on that rack for over a year! I thought it would look dated if I kept it as a dress, so without much thought, I gave it a chop!


Usually, I don’t make a chop before the taking-in process, as the end result pretty much always ends up being way shorter than you intended. But this was a very conservative chop just to keep me from dealing with taking in the entire thing. I anticipated having to make a smaller chop in the future.

I took my soon-to-be top in on my dress form…


I cut off the excess fabric from the sides, then tried on my top. As predicted, another chop would need to happen.

Just a lil chop!

I gave my new top a quick hem…

Pin & Stitch!

And that’s it! Now my shirt-to-dress ratio is ever so slightly more balanced. I wore my new top to for an Allagash vs. Founders beer tasting.

Wait…where am I?

If I look like I’m in a bathroom for this “after” photo, it’s because I am. Sometimes any excuse for a tripod will have to do.

This. is sad.
What can ya do?

In times of bad lighting, you sometimes have to get creative, folks.

Cool ladies. Bad lighting.
Who shall emerge victorious?
They have a fire pit too!
This is their version of SOS…with Duck Confit!

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