Mother of the Beige Dress

A Scrap-Busting Infinity Scarf
Sleeve me Alone Dress

When my friends and I made plans to meet up for Main Street’s monthly art crawl, I realized I didn’t have a thing to wear! I decided on this:


The weird thing about this piece is that it actually fits me perfectly. Beneath that flouncy top layer is a fitted dress. I like to think this is a late 70’s-early 80’s Mother of the Bride dress. I hope she was a nice mother-in-law and that the kids are still going strong. ;)

Upon closer inspection, I found this label which I think is pretty cool.


I know a lot of larger department stores used to have their own brands, but somehow I hadn’t yet seen a JC Penny frock before.

This is a simple one, you guys. I could have removed that top flouncy layer and turned it into a perfectly ok maxi dress, but every time I tried to put my scissors to that beautiful wide lace at the waist and sleeves, I just couldn’t do it!

Instead, I took my scissors to the bottom!

Bye girl. Girl bye.

I COULD have left the bottom edge raw, as this is a non-fraying polyester, but I had a little time on my hands and I really wanted this dress to look nice & finished, so it got a simple hem.




I feel sort of lame for feeling this way, but one of my favorite parts of  is this little scissor button you see here:

Whatever is it for?

Do you hate having to manually snip thread ends? With this you don’t have to. It automatically trims the thread from your work. Right there. Just by pushing a button.

I really don’t know how it works, but it’s pretty amazeballs.

I promise to go into more of the advanced/fancy things this baby can do soon, but you’ve gotta appreciate the little things. Know what I mean?


After a quick press, my dress was ready to get it’s art on!

Bad lighting.

I styled this one with a set of vintage glass beads, grey tights, and modest patent heels. I think it has a cool 60’s-mod-meets-20’s-flapper look to it, and I’m really glad I saved that lace.  :)

I like it from the back too.

Le back!

I saw some really neat things, including this Day of the Dead display:

Dia de los Muertos!

A few selfies were taken on my circa 2010 phone as well (no filter, just an old phone). ;)

Hi Erin & Ken!
Hi Phillip & Alex!
“Let’s pose like Jane Austen characters!”

Come back tomorrow to find out what no-sew solution I came up with for how to use that bottom scrap. Viva la No Waste ReFashion! :)


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