Sleeve me Alone Dress

Mother of the Beige Dress
A Polyester Flowers No-Sew Top & VANELi

I’m running out of clever titles for these, you guys. ;) But hopefully this one will make sense verrrrry soon. :)

The other day, I woke up, took a shower, and then donned my refashion for the day.

Just one problem…It was a little chilly out, and my arms were NOT going to be happy as-is.

This is what I look like fresh out of the shower.

I began with removing these guys.

Luckily they were just velcroed in.

Then I made a chop.


That bottom scrap is about to become my new sleeves!

I cut that bottom part open.

You shall be my sleeve!

I cut one sleeve out, making sure it was the same width at the bottom of the short sleeve ( seam allowance). Then I used that sleeve as a guide for the second sleeve.

Gotta make ’em match!

Then, I stitched a seam down each sleeve.

Whirrrr (x 2)!!!!

Then, I pinned my sleeves into the existing sleeves.  Yes…I could have used my seam ripper to remove the existing sleeves and put in completely new sleeves, but I thought this would look more interesting…and I kind of like when you can see the story behind my refashions. :)


I stitched my new sleeves down, using two rows of stitches.

It was a challenge, but it worked!

When I was done adding my sleevage, I still wasn’t quite happy with the fit of my frock, so I took it in just a bit.

Just a smidge!

I stitched each side down, and then gave my new dress a new hem!


My new dress had a great day at the !

With a pint of IPA!
Sleeve side view!
Checking out some sweet vintage wear!
Gotta have friends!
Tres chic, no?

So…for all of you who have been asking me to show how to add on sleeves…here’s one way. I promise to show more options as the chilly fall and winter months drag on!  ;)


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