A Polyester Flowers No-Sew Top & VANELi

Sleeve me Alone Dress
Survivor Guilt Dress

One of my favorite thrift stores has recently done something that leaves me peeved. They have DOUBLED the price of their clothing from $1 to $2. Grrrrrrr! I know that for some of you, especially those who live across the big pond, this is still ridiculously cheap. But a 100% markup? C’mon! Would we let this stand in other areas of our lives???? Like, what if the price of dishwashers suddenly doubled? What then?  ;)

Anywho. *angry pout*

I found this dress for $2, which is $1 more than I would have preferred to pay for it. ;)

2 dolla! Holla holla!

I actually wore this one to work as-is with a belt, but it still wasn’t very flattering. Also, as I mentioned in my last post, I have a shortage of tops, but a wild abundance of dresses. You can probably guess where I’m going here.

Ouch. My eyes!

That’s right, this is about to become a tunic! I snipped the bottom hem off as well. Don’t worry! It’s made of thick polyester, so it’s not going to fray!


All that was left to do was tie that bottom cut-off hem around my waist, and now I have a pretty Fall tunic for an evening with friends!


If you look down at my feet, you’ll see I’m sporting a curious shoe choice. Here’s a better look:

Are they boots? Are they clogs? Will we ever know?!?!

I thrifted these for $3. I’m not sure why I like these. I remember seeing these same strange bootclogs in the 1990’s and hating them. They’re made by VANELi, so we’ll just call this a score, okay?

Layered with a sweater for the chill
Happy theatergoers!
Goatfeathers is open again…only now it’s called !

Oh…I just wrote a couple of articles for !

One is

The other is (if you were wanting a Douglas fix!)




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