Soon It’s Gonna Rain Dress

Survivor Guilt Dress
A Subtle Gamecock Refashion

It has been raining here in Columbia.  For days and days.  When weather forecasts predicted flooding over the weekend, I packed a bag and fled to my fella’s place (which sits at a higher elevation than mine) to wait it out.  I knew I’d be feeling a little stir-crazy from days stuck inside rather than hanging out with friends.  Sure, , but when I packed, I only packed refashionables!  I figured it would be a good excuse for a challenge, as well as a boredom buster.  :)

One such refashionable was this 80’s dress right here:

I dig the wingspan!

I saw the potential in this one right away.  The dress is nice and warm, and I like those big batwing sleeves.  It’s meant to be of generous fit, but even so, it was still too big for me.  I didn’t like the length either.  I saw this one becoming much shorter and paired with leggings for a cozy stay-at-home outfit.

Of course, since I wasn’t at my house, I had to complete this refashion with the few backup sewing supplies I had left there months ago (you never know when a sewing emergency will arise!) and without a dress form.  Oh well!  It’s all a part of the challenge!

First, I eyeballed this frock and decided I wanted to take it in 1.5 in on each side.  I figured this would make the hips more fitted, but still leave the top free-fitting.

It took a little creative thinking, but I managed to measure and pin each side.

You’ll have to do!

I got to pinning.

Remember this pin cushion?

To complete this refashion, I had to rely on an old pal:

Hey guys! Remember me?

That’s right!  It’s my old sewing machine!  The one that started it all!  Compared to my amazeballs new one, it’s clunky and unsophisticated…but today I was happy to have a backup.

A slightly clunky whirrrrrrrrr!

Each side got  stitched down, then I removed the excess fabric.

Snnnnipping with my second-best scissors!

Next, I chopped off a bit from the bottom.


A quick hem followed.

Measure & Pin!
A final whirrrr!

After a good press, my new dress was ready for a day of lounging in style!

Cozy, yet sophisticated!

This dress could easily be belted, but I actually like leaving the waist free.  This would also be a flattering look for women who are more of an apple shape, as it plays up your legs, while the full sleeves help give balance.

Staying high and dry!
Sort of.

Douglas seems to be handling the downpour just fine.

Sleepy puppy!

And the fella and I are coping.  :)



UPDATE: When I originally wrote this post, it looked like the rain and flooding weren’t going to be as bad as predicted.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Please keep everyone in SC in your thoughts. 

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