Back from Sabbatical!

Fashion History: Slaxtastic Edition

Hey guys!  After my totally unannounced break, I’m back!  So…what’s up with my crazy long absence from SlipsKnute?  I don’t know what else to say except that I’ve been doing this blog for 5 years and just wanted to take a break from being The SlipsKnute and just be plain ol’ Jillian for a bit.

Another big change that happened recently is that for the first time in my life I have a creative job.  Before that, was my one escape and my outlet.  It was the place where after spending 8 hours doing really fantastically boring stuff that I got to have fun.  Now I’m happy to say my actual day job is really fun!

Also, I just got out of the routine.  This blog actually took a lot of time and energy (not a bad thing by any means), but in the moving process, I just sort of fell out of it.

Some of you may have noticed a couple of fun posts I guest wrote for Goodwill:  , and .

But c’mon!  It’s time for a refashion! :D  I found this awesome springy $1 Muumuu and knuuknuu (harhar) it would be great for a relaxing afternoon with friends!


Oh hai! Welcome to my new place!


Of course this frock wasn’t without its issues.  It had a few weird stains on it that didn’t come out in the wash (more on that later), It’s obviously too big for me, and as temps have gotten nice & warm, I wasn’t feeling the sleeveage.  But isn’t that print fabulous?  And I really liked the neckline too!

To get started, I grabbed my seam ripper and started de-sleeving.


Pick. Pick. Pick.




Next, I closed up those raw edges…




And whirrrrrr!


Next, a bit of fitting was in order!  I was happy to see that those stubborn stains would no longer be an issue, as I’d be able to just sew them off.  :)




See? Soon they’ll be a thing of the past!


Each side got taken in…


Just a couple more whirrrrs, folks!


And that’s it!  My first refashion in over a month is now complete!




I styled my new frock with an awesome bag I thrifted for $2.00, one of my many giant pairs of shades, a necklace that used to be my grandmother’s, and my comfy Sperrys.  :)


You like?


This dress had a LOT of fun!


Just meandering downtown…like ya do.




We’re all good!


Hi everybody!


So…in case you were worried, don’t be!  SlipsKnute is officially back in action!




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