Back from Sabbatical!
Graduating to New Levels of Better

Huzzah!  It’s SPRING!  Now ends the winter of my discontent!  This winter ended on a lousy note, so I’m happy to say goodbye to the blah, and hello to lots of good & positive things that have come into the works since then.  :)

Let’s start with a new refashion for the new season, shall we?  I started with this $1 bit of thrift store fashion:


So sea foamy!


It also had a lining!




I like sea foam green.  I also really liked that nice waist detail and wanted to bring it out a bit.

But first, I needed to get rid of those sleeves for a nice, super-warm day!




Then, I carefully snipped the rest of the sleeves from the neck part of the dress…




Now…remember how I said I liked the waist of this dress?  I took a gamble and decided to dye the whole thing, in hopes that the thread at the waist was cotton.  Here’s why:  Cotton takes to dye really really well, and polyester doesn’t take to dye much at all.  I was hoping for a nice contrast between the two.


In the Navy…


I wasn’t disappointed!


Awesome! :)


I didn’t feel like messing with the lining of this frock, so I snipped it out.  Normally, when taking in the dress, I’d also take in the lining, but I was running late to meet up with friends.  And this is why I have a nude slip to wear under such things.  :)




I closed up those raw arm holes…




…and then totally forgot to snap any pics of the taking-in of this dress.  Forgive me.  I was in a hurry!

Hurried or no, I think the result is pretty swell!




My brunch companions liked it too!


Yes. My sunglasses make me look like a fly.


We had a really lovely day.


Saturday wine tasting crew!


We even picked up a few other folks in our travels around downtown!


Our numbers are growing.


Sorry for the lack of pics on this one!  I promise to do better next time!




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