A Perfect Peplum Sweater

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Oyster Roast Jacket

While digging through my closet trying to find something to wear for work, I realized something…I have very few tops and almost only dresses.  This makes days when I feel like wearing jeans a bit trickier than they should be.

When I plucked this black sweater dress off my refashion rack, I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to keep it as a dress or not.


Oh Pinot Noir…guide me in this decision!


I liked the neckline of this dress, as well as how soft, warm, and cozy the fabric was.  But…dress or sweater?  I really wasn’t sure which way I was going to go.

I got started by resizing the dress with the help of my dress form.


Let the tailoring begin!


Then, I ran each side through my machine.




I chopped off the extra fabric from the sides…


Choppy choppy!


…and then made a major decision!  I have plllllenty of black dresses and really don’t need any others right now.  However, I have precious few black tops.  Necessity would indeed be the master of invention today!


I regret nothing!


To complete this refash, I ran the bottom raw edge through my serger.  I could have just hemmed it, but I wanted my new top to have a more funky/edgy look to it. I think it looks pretty nifty now!  :)


Edgy, no?


What do you think?


Fitted & Warm!



I think I made the right decision!


On a side note:  I was thinking about how when I first started this blog, it wasn’t so odd for someone to be snapping pics with an actual camera all the time.  But now, when everyone pretty much just uses their phones, I tend to stand out a bit with my clunky Nikon…;)


It ain’t no big thing!


I don’t mind!  I want to take the best pics I can for you guys, even if selfies are a bit weird…


We do what we can!


My new top was perfect for an evening celebrating a good friend of mine starting his new job/celebrating a great week!


Eh… phone pics are okay too…on occasion! :)


We’re so happy for Phillip! :)






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