One Dress, Three Ways II…and Good News!

One Dress, Three Ways III! Which is Your Fave?
One Dress, Three Ways…and a Mysterious Celebration!

Wow.  You guys are terrible guessers.  ;)

Nope…still haven’t found my house yet (I’m looking!  I’m looking!).

Nope…Mark and I are not engaged (We’ve only been dating since October…geez! ;) )

I can’t believe NO ONE guessed my news!

As a lot of you know, I love writing.  I love writing this blog, as well as all my freelance work.  The hardest thing for me over the last couple of years was feeling like this would always be just a part-time gig, and that I’d never get to be creative in my work life…ever.  Last week, a good friend of mine said it perfectly over after-work drinks:

“You’re doing your best work outside of work.”

And that’s been true for a very long time.

But it’s not true anymore.

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been invited by to join their Inbound Marketing Team as their Digital Marketing Specialist!

This means that I’ll be writing awesome & compelling content for their clients, as well as helping with their social media management needs.  Riggs is a terrific company with a stellar reputation and I can’t wait to start this new phase in my career with them!

But what about…


Most of you guys seemed to dig yesterday’s no-sew fancy frock.


Remember me?


But for Refashion #2, I wanted something simple & casual to kick around in.

I grabbed my scissors and made one big cut from front to back on my dress, like so:




And that’s it!  This one is a no-sew refashion too!


It was very windy outside…hence the ‘do!


Seriously? Why am I posing like this????


My new top enjoyed a casual night of wings & beer with Cole and Ryan!


Hi Ryan!


Ello Cole!


Well hi there Cole and Ryan!


Did you notice my sweet necklace?  I thrifted it for $2!  I almost left it at the store, as thought it was too big, but I’ve been getting nothing but compliments on it!  :)


I dig it!


So…YAY!  Fun life news, and two refashions from ONE dress!

Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of…

One Dress, Three Ways!




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