A Teal Brunch Dress

Green Poppy Dress
Happy Thanksgiving!

That’s right.  I’m running out of title ideas for these.  C’mon!  After 700 or so posts, I think that’s fair, right?  :)  I promise to be more creative with the next one!

I was really excited about this $1 score.


My favorite color!


Teal is my absolute FAVORITE color!  I also really liked those fabulous big brass buttons on the front!  Unfortunately, this frock was too big for me as-is, and I would have to do some pretty dramatic reshaping.

I’ve got this.  :)

The sides had to be taken in a good bit, but I also had to be thoughtful about what shape I wanted my new dress to take.  I opted for a 60’s-ish mod styling instead of the more streamlined/fitted look I had also been contemplating.

I pinned my dress on my form, like I do.  :)


Reshaping in progress!


Each side got stitched down…




Then, each side got serged!




Almost done!  I just needed to raise that hem and take those sleeves up a lil bit!


Choppy Chop!


A brand new hem!


A brand new sleeve hem!


Look at my new dress now!


And check out this crazy tentacle while you’re at it!


I LOVE how the shape of this turned out…fitted, flared, and fun!  :)  It was exactly what I needed for a brunch outing at with pals!


MY Mosa!


A closer look!


Erin thought it was pretty cute too!


Hey Buddy!




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