Take Advantage of the Details Tunic

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A Winesome Winsome Saturday Dress

Here’s a super-comfy shapeless/dated dress!




Not much to dig here. The length is lousy.  As I said, it has no shape.  It’s just not terribly exciting, now is it?

Luckily, all it really needs is a few chops!


Douglas investigates!


That very bottom bit was chopped off to remove an ink stain that didn’t come out in the wash.  The next-up bit was going to come in pretty handy.  See those buttons on the side?  They’re totally functional!!!

I used the button-up part to make a belt by wrapping it around my waist twice.

I’m pretty happy with this no-sew tunic, I must say!


No need to hem, as Jersey doesn’t fray!



I think my sweet vintage brooch looks swell with my new top!


My new top had a fun mellow evening with friends.


…like Ryan here!


We even crafted a tasty fall cocktail with ginger beer, whiskey, and…other things????





Cool pose. Bad lighting.




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