A Winesome Winsome Saturday Dress

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Rockwell Dress

Brrrrrrrr!   I cannot cope with this cold snap, folks!  For those of you who get sick to death of seeing me traipsing around in nothing but strappy (or strapless) sundresses as summer and want to see a bit more modest stuff, you are in luck!

Take this heavily bedazzled sweater dress:


I’m serious. Just take it.


There are only two things I like about this tacky monstrosity.  1.  It’s black.  2.  It’s a sweater dress.

Even the back of this crazy number didn’t escape the bedazzler’s wrath!




Apparently the branding department has an ironic sense of humor…


I beg to differ.


I knew I couldn’t deal with all those sequins and beads.  I had something much more basic in mind.

So, I picked.


Pickity Pick Pick…


And I picked some more…




I picked for about THREE HOURS, my friends!


GOOD GOD WILL IT EVER END????!!!!!!11111!!!!!!


Finally, I was done!  Ah!  Sweet relief!




I took my new dress in about 1 1/2 inches on each side…


First some pinning…


Then some stitching…


Then some serging!


My lovely lil Dreamstitcher came in super-handy for this one.  Sweaters have always been a challenge for me, as they tend to fray like crazy!  If you don’t happen to have a serging machine, just use a zigzag stitch and cut off the excess fabric.  It’ll do.  :)

With my side seams done, I had a few chops to make!  I really wanted bracelet-length sleeves, and the bottom needed to be raised just a smidge.


Just a bit!


The sleeves got stitched down and then got a zigzag stitch on the interior raw edge.  Here’s what they look like on the outside now.


It’s a little wavy, but it looks alright!


Now for the bottom!  I served the bottom raw edge…




…then gave it a new hem!


Just pin & stitch!


I could have just folded the bottom hem under twice to get rid of the raw edge, but I worried about it looking too bulky.  :)

And here’s my dress now!  I made the front the back so that V would be behind me.  Sorry I failed to get pics, but I’m sure you can picture it just fine.  :)


Kind of Mod, isn’t it? :)


I stayed happy & warm in this one.  :)


The boots didn’t hurt either. :)


And again.


My new dress had a lovely day with some wonderful friends…first at a wine tasting, then at a dinner cooked by the amazing !  :)


Happy Wine Lovahs!


I certainly know some handsome fellas!  :)


Fancy Fewd!


The decor wasn’t too shabs either.




Rest assured, much fun was had, and much wine was consumed!




Sometimes I’ve gotta admit…I Iove being me.  :)





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