An “It’ll do for work.” Dress

The Sewing Party!!!!
A Cowl Back Conversion

Spoiler Alert:  This is not a terribly exciting refashion.  But it IS a cautionary tale about what happens when you make boring non-daring choices in a refashion!  So…let’s begin!

It all started with this dress I found on the 50 cent rack at a nearby Goodwill:


I assume the previous owner died after being mauled by a tiger.


I can see why nobody wanted this one, as it has a pretty major hole in the shoulder.  No worries!  I can fix that, and fix it I did!


No big deal.


With that shoulder fixed, I got to removing a couple of things I wasn’t too fond of…


Shoulder padding!


Oh joy. A row of buttons right above my ass. How flattering!


Whew! Much better!


I decided to just take this one in a couple of inches on each side.


Just a couple ‘o inches!


I stitched each side down, then serged those rapidly-fraying raw edges!




Here’s what it looked like when I was done:




I chopped off a ridiculously conservative amount off the bottom…




Then I gave it a new hem.




And here it is:  My totally boring dress that I don’t really care for!


Seriously. :/


And here it is being boring and still-dated-looking from the side!


Not much better, eh? :/


Not even my cool new wig could save it!  :/


I feel pretty!


The print is fun, but this frock is still oh-so-frump!  :/  I think I’ll re-refashion it!

I feel like I should have taken it in MUCH more and should have gone a good bit shorter as well.  I made a couple of boring conservative choices and ended up with a lackluster result. :/

I looked at it and thought, “Eh.  It’ll do for work.”, which is exactly the mediocrity I strive to avoid, both in my sewing AND in my personal appearance.

So yeah.  I don’t really like this one very much, but hopefully you can learn from my mistakes and not suss out the way I did.

Fortune favors the bold!



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