When I Dip You Dip We Dip (Dye)!

Aloha, No-Sewha!
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This is a sad time of year for me, friends.  Fall is coming.  My days of frolicking blissfully in strapless dresses and sandals are coming to a close.  Layers.  :/  Coats.  :/  Scarves.  :/  Being cold all the time.  :/ Blerg.  :/

Today’s dress was just a little too big and a little too summery for the changing season.


Feeling blue about the changing seasons…


The taking-in part wasn’t a big deal.





Serrrrrrrrrge! ;)


I also raised the hem just bit.






Well…that’s not very exciting, now is it?


I grabbed a bit of dye…


I am literally grabbing the dye, see?


Then, I filled one side of the sink with hot water and green dye.




Then, I stirred it up!


Like ya do…


I added a bit of brown dye and hot water to a pitcher, and submerged the bottom of the dress in the sink and one shoulder of the dress in the pitcher.  I also splattered dye on the middle part.


This looks like it could be interesting.


I left my new dress in its twin baths while I met friends for brunch.  :)  When I got back, I rinsed it thoroughly in my washing machine.

Check it out now!  I think the new color scheme is a bit more fall than that sky blue.  :)


Awkward Posing!


Where’s my arm?


Ah! THERE it is! Whew!


Seriously. What am I trying to do here?


At least the dress is cool. ;)






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