New Dress for a New ‘Do

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Thoroughly Modern Jilly

I have a soft spot in my little SlipsKnute heart for handmade garments.  When I found this one, I snatched it up, despite it being pretty awkward.




The print is cool, if faded, and that light cotton fabric is perfect for our still-warm temps.  Plus…I knew it would take on dye like a charm!

Remember this funky frock? Well…it wasn’t alone in its dye bath!


My dresses rarely bathe alone!


Of course this dress took the dye on much better than it’s partially synthetic pal!

This dress needed a bit of reshaping, so that’s what I did!


Kind of looks like fins…


In order to get my more fitted dress off the form, I had to unpin a few pins.  No worries.  I just made a chalk line so I could re-pin one side with ease!


Tailor’s Chalk is your friend!


This thing had gussets galore! Not sure why…


After I chopped off the excess fabric, I stitched the two bits together.   I left the edges raw, as I thought it would give this otherwise conservative dress a bit of an edge.


Just a lil whirr!


I rolled the sleeves up a bit, and my new dress was ready for wine with my newly-injured pal!


Check out the hair!


Check it out!  I have a new asymmetrical ‘do that I have a HUGE crush on!

Here’s a look at my dress (and ‘do!) from the back!


Also asymmetrical! :) I loves!


Air Er! ;)


Even with a broken foot, Erin was still nice enough to take my “after” pic.  :)  Please send good healing vibes her way!  :)


Thanks, Erin!


After hanging with my one-footed friend, I headed over to for their monthly !


Oddball movie lovers! :)



Our Film DuJour!


Nick is very serious about his cinema!




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