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“There is a gypsy curse upon my head.” I said this morning while sprawled on the linoleum after tripping outside of my shower.  Douglas just tilted his head and looked at me quizzically.

This was after breaking a toe the night before while folding laundry.

I’m distracted (don’t ask…don’t ask).  And when I’m distracted, I’m even clumsier than normal.  I’ve been dropping things, spilling things, and bumping into things with the zeal of a blindfolded toddler as of late.  :/

My Saturday evening would’ve been spent nursing a glass of scotch while looking out windows thoughtfully (don’t ask…don’t ask), but thankfully there was no time for that.  Two of my favorite people were getting married!

I needed something nice to wear while they got weddinged.  I chose this:


I don’t understand this garment.


SPOILER ALERT:  Those sleeves are about to go.  Don’t hate me for this.  They were littered with moth holes and the weather here is still too warm to bear an outdoor wedding with sleeves.

Okay…I get it.  Some of you Mad Men fans are wondering why I didn’t just turn it into this:


Zou Bisou Bisou!


Meh.  Been there.  Done that.  Mkay?

Those sleeves were cut off faster than one of Don Draper’s flings!


Buh bye!


I sat outside while unpicking that mock turtleneck.


Nature Time!


This left me with a few raw edges that needed to be taken care of.  I started with the arm holes.




Next, I took in the sides.


Just a lil fine tuning…


Each side got stitched down as well.


Almost done!


After I cut off the excess fabric, I took off a bit of length.


I was originally going to make a sash from that bottom scrap but changed my mind.


I hemmed that bottom raw edge, then put my new dress back on my form and made a snip off to one side of the neckline.




I folded each side down into a V, pinned it, and stitched the whole thing down!

Now I have a sweet Little Black Dress!


Doncha just love that neckline?


Come a lil closer!


Some of my old school followers might recognize that sash from a super duper early refashion!  This dress is totally fine without it, but I just wanted to throw on a bit of color since this was a festive occasion after all!

The bride was lovely!


That. Dress.


And of course Meghan and Alex looked terrific together on this special day.  :)




Alex should be of special interest to you guys, as without him this blog wouldn’t exist.  Yep.  That’s right.  We used to date years and years ago.  I was in a creative funk, and he surprised me one Christmas with a sewing machine after I had mentioned wanting to learn how to sew a few times.  He was terrific and supportive of me and my earliest refashioning endeavors when most people thought what I was doing was pretty stupid.  While we weren’t right for each other romantically, we still remain good friends and now he and Meghan are two of my favorite people.  And yes, they’re wonderful for each other.  :)

My friends and I had a great time at the wedding!


Can you spot the Jillian in this photo?


Marques never looks pleased in any of our pics. :/




Oh hai!


Trying out my Julia Roberts laugh…


Phillip is deep in thought…


It was a delightful evening spent with delightful people and a welcome reprieve from introspection (don’t ask…don’t ask) on my part.  :)  And I got to see two terrific human beings take on a beautiful commitment to each other.  :)









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