Mai-Linh’s Reader ReFash!

Urge to Serge Dress
Georgia Winery Dress

Okay guys…I’ve been a major slacker about sharing Reader ReFashes as of late.


This week’s Reader ReFash comes from Mai-Linh, a devoted thrift store scavenger and upcycler!

Sort of robe-ish, no?


I picked up the dress at a Goodwill. It had a sort of eccentric-hermit-bathrobe vibe, but the fabric was fabulous….After I chopped off the sleeves, the top needed some reshaping/taking in, and then I hemmed the skirt. 

Look at that robe now!


So fab!


Le back!


She’s ready for her close-up!


Beautiful work, Mai-Linh!


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32 thoughts on “Mai-Linh’s Reader ReFash!

  1. Lovely! Mai Linh is an inspiration!

    I just posted my own refash. Not nearly as imaginative. But it’s not terrible, don’t you think?

  2. Great! One question for all you fashionistas though, why always with the sleeveless look? I know know you have the right to bare arms. Lol. So don’t give me that one…
    I blame Michelle Obama. Just because she’s so buff. The rest of us have to cope with less perfect upper arms! Lol

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