Lemon Sherbet Dress

Georgia Winery Dress
Peepshow Top

Is this supposed to be a nightgown?


Seriously…Is it?


While I certainly do look quite angelic in this human doily, I can’t get over the ruffles or the whiteness of it.  I hate wearing white.  I’m far too clumsy for it, and I feel like it makes me look even paler than I already am!

You can probably guess what I did next!




Here’s what my dress looked like as it soaked up a bit of dye in its bath:


Looks like sherbet, doesn’t it?


Once my dress way dyed and dried, I chopped off that bottom ruffle.


That overlapping layer means I don’t even have to stitch a new hem! Huzzah!


Then, I lopped off some of the bottom hem, starting at the serged part above the lace.


This will be my future sash!


So the color and the length are looking much better, but It was still to floufy for me.

Time to de-flouf!


It kind of looks like a fin, doesn’t it?


Stitch the fin!


I cut off that extra material with my pinking shears, gave my new dress a good press, and was ready to meet some fab friends for some Moscow Mules (my favorite summer beverage!).


So summery!


This dress isn’t my typical style, but I really do like it!  I love the new color, and I like how the lace stayed white, giving the whole piece a little more interest.  :)

My friends liked it too!




Okay.  That’s just silly.  from now on, all of my pics will be dark and mysterious, okay?


“Look mysterious!” I told Erin.


“We have to look mysterious!” I told Mark.


Apparently my idea of “mysterious” is looking off to the side.


I blame the mules!


We don’t look mysterious at all. :/






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