Yacht Rock Dress

How to Add a Fantastic Elastic Waist to Just About Any Dress!
Not Quite Red Dress

When I received a pair of tickets in the mail for the annual Best of Columbia Party, I was delighted and surprised!  I started freelancing with them this year, but still didn’t expect to be invited to one of THE best parties of the year!

This year’s theme was “Yacht Rock”, and I had just the nautical number for the evening!



Oh dear.  This would not do.  Those shoulder pads!  That terrible fit!  And what about these?!?


Just say “No” to bows!


My first priority was to get rid of those massive pads!


Don’t worry guys! You’ll make a swell sunglasses case later!


I knew I needed to raise that dated waistline.  The quickest and easiest way to do this was to chop off the top!  I wanted to keep the functionality of the back zipper, so I made sure the pull was on the bottom part before I cut.

How’d my foot get in the shot?


I closed up that raw edge…

Pin it all around, then stitch it!


You can see where I folded that zipper under twice just like the rest of the dress.  Don’t worry.  If you have a good strong needle, it’ll sew over it, and you’ll be fine.  You might have to sew a hook-and-eye closure above it, but luckily I didn’t need to.

After I stitched that top raw edge down, I needed to sew down that front placket.  This dress was about to get super-fitted, so I really didn’t want any gappage!


Stitch it down!


I tossed my dress on my form inside-out and got it fitted!


Shaping up!


I stitched down each side…




…then replaced one of the buttons that fell off in the refashioning process…


Just a quick bit of stitchery!


…and added on a little something extra to the bottom hem!


Wait…what is this sorcery???


Notice what’s wrong?  I didn’t! :/


Now I’m ready to board the yacht!




This party was a BLAST!  I had so much fun hanging out with some of the coolest people in Columbia!


…like Kaitlin and Erin here!


Or Best Local Artist runner-up, and his lovely wife!


Or lovely local actress, Evelyn!


Even my buddy Ellis made a showing!


Ron and I sharing a prom-esque moment…


Of COURSE one of the men behind came out to celebrate!


I had a fantastic evening, and my fingers are crossed that I get invited next year too!  :)


Photobooth Shenanigans!




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