Not Quite Red Dress

Yacht Rock Dress
Elefun Dress Vol. 2!

I’m not a big fan of ruffles.



I’m also not a fan of wearing anything white.  For a person as clumsy as myself, it’s just tempting fate.

You can probably guess what I did first!


In the red!


I don’t use red dye a lot.  In past, I’ve tried to use Scarlet dye, but the results have always ended up being more coral than the desired red.  My fingers were crossed for my first time trying this Cherry dye out.

I ended up with pink.  Ugh.  :/

Anywho…the refashion must go on!

I put my newly barbiefied frock on my dress form, and pinned it down one side — trying not to wince at the armpit discoloration that would soon be chopped away!


Pinning along…


I used my fabric pencil to mark along the pinned line.  My reason for this is that I know I’d have to remove the dress from the form, and there’s no zipper or any closure.  To get the dress off the form, I needed to remove the pins.



No worries!  I just repinned the dress along the blue line!


Déjà vu!


I stitched my new seam down…




…then I chopped off the extra fabric.

Something still wasn’t quite right for me though…


Douglas and I agree…it’s just too ruffly!


I started snipping off that bottom ruffle!




I decided to leave half of the ruffle on the front.  I thought it looked kinda neat.  I also like how some of the ruffles didn’t take as much dye as the others.  :)  I tossed one of my grandmother’s vintage scarves around my waist, and pinned her brooch to the shoulder to complete my look.  What do you think?


In the pink!


My new dress had a lovely evening with friends!  :)


Enjoying tasty cocktails at the benefit! :)


Who’s wearing them better? Hmmmmnnnn…


Lemme take a selfie! ;)





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