Elefun Dress Vol. 2!

Not Quite Red Dress
A Too Darn Hot No-Sew Refashion

Let it be known that I have a fondness for elephants.


Hey Buddy!


This is evidenced by this refashion, as well as this one.

When I found this dress with its funky elephant print, I knew I didn’t want to let any of those little guys go!


I love them. Really…I do!


Unfortunately, I knew I wanted to shorten this one.

Not to worry!  I had a plan!


“Wait! Why two chops, Mom?”


I overlocked the raw edge of that bottom scrap, then pressed it under.


Don’t judge…it was my first time overlocking!


Then, I stitched it down.



I’ll bet you’re wondering where I’m going with this one, eh?


I put my dress on my form, and pinned that scrap onto the neckline.


Le back!


Le front!


If you look closely at the front, you can see where I made two pleats to compensate for the length of the bottom being longer than the length of the neckline.  I bascially just eyeballed it and folded it.  It really wasn’t very hard, just a little finicky.  :)

I stitched my new collar down…


This looks almost identical to the first sewing shot…weird!


I’m almost done!  :)  I couldn’t forget to give my newly-renecked dress a nice new hem, now could I?




Almost done!!!


I am really really really proud of this one, you guys!


Save the Elephants!


Seriously…I’m in love with this one.  I enjoyed getting lots of compliments on it all day!  :)


Even while eating a tasty vegan feast at !  


Even while being interviewed by ! :)


What do you think?




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