“Fun Little Day” Dress

Thrift Score Thursday: Mikelos Edition
An Evening in New York Dress

So…I showed you how I refashed that LBD for Good Morning America yesterday, but what about that purple dress on the right?

How’d I do it?


I mean, how do you go from this…




…to this?




This was a tricky one, folks!  First, I dyed the original top to get rid of that blah faded brown and white…


A fun color combo!


It’s all in the mix!


…then I noticed all these little holes on the sides.  :/




This is where all my photographic evidence falls off, you guys.

I can explain!  It was about 2am when I was working on this, and I had to try to get a couple of hours of sleep before going in to work the next day then dashing off to catch my flight!

Still…I’m sorry.  :/

The best way I know how to explain what I did was:

1.  I removed that fake underlayer

2.  I took the whole thing in from the sides.

3.  I took it in again from the back to raise the neck line a smidge

4.  I added the fabric from the sides to the bottom of the dress, patching some holes and re stitching around others (cutting off the parts with holes and stitching the good bits back together, then stitching THAT to the bottom).

5.  I gave this craziness a new hem.

6.  Then I took the sleeves up a lil.

And that’s what brought us to this!




My new purple frock had a blast for my last day in NYC!  Erin and I checked out the , had a fantastic lunch at (an entire page of their menu is dedicated to ciders!), and had a lovely time exploring the city before we caught our flight back home.


Lookie! We found a tasty frozen sangria stand!


Times Square Selfie!


What a fun trip!  :)




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