No Sewing. All Style.

Wannabe Wednesday: Z Edition
Thrift Score Thursday: R&K and Some Lovely Trays!

Here’s a nifty $1 polyester dress I scored at one of my favorite of all thrifty places.  :)

Don’t you love that blue hue?


This is such a simple one, folks.  It’s mind-bogglingly easy, and requires NO SEWING AT ALL!  :)

I made a few chops…


Chop, Chop, AND Chop!


That’s it.


So Simple!


What this refashion lacks in complexity, it more than makes up for in style!  I truly love this one and plan on wearing it again and again and again!  Since the polyester is of a very tight weave, it’s never going to fray either!


Oh hai, Erin. :)


My new dress was just the thing for an evening checking out art and having drinks with friends at !


All the lovely ladies dig art!


Isn’t Faith’s wig fabulous?!?


But wait…who is this mystery man?




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