A Most Secretive Maxi Dress

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Gimme a(n Asymmetrical) V!

Remember the early 90’s?

If this dress doesn’t take you back, I don’t know what will.


This frock isn’t very fun, is it?

But guess what?  It’s hiding a secret!


What the What?!?


This gave me an idea!  First, I chopped off most of the bottom of the top layer.




Then, I gave that raw edge a new hem!




Then, grabbed that leftover scrap and pinned all the way down one side.






I turned my new fabric tube inside-out and just like that, I have a sash!



Check out that dress now!


Cute, eh?


Ta-da! :)


My new dress was just the thing for an evening in with the guys!


Cole’s new couch is vaguely reminiscent of The Golden Girls’ couch, isn’t it?


And what’s a night in without snacks?  :)


My weakness.




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36 thoughts on “A Most Secretive Maxi Dress

  1. I bought several of these recently. Trying to do a linen one into a hi-low, perhaps with ruffles to make the top nicer/more decorative. It has a silky lining underneath. Any suggestions on working with linen or the lining?

  2. I have the same exact fabrics, but in a reversible skirt from the thrift store. Both fabrics are beautiful flowing rayon. Your refashion is tempting me to refashion my skirt so that both fabrics are showing at the same time–maybe an 8-gore skirt with alternating patterns.

  3. I help operate a Thrift store in our small community. I am always pulling items out to refashion. But most of my recreates are slimming down the sides and shortening the length. But it makes me happy. And I am sure as you know, they don’t always work. Do you steer away from any types of styles, like raglan sleeves for example?

    1. Yay Thrifty things! :) Yep…sadly they can’t all be golden. The only things I really stay away from are things that are smelly, just way too stained, or items with fabric that’s too worn out to look nice. :) Viva La ReFashion!

      1. Haha Gia you nailed it. I was going say something about why bothering to comment with such negativity – no one wants to hear that. Sure it’s am opinion but opinions are like hind ends – everyone has one but that doesn’t mean you share it with the world.

  4. I love this!! My favorite, too! I’ll be sure to check the undersides of dresses at our Value Village from now on… who knew?!

  5. Wow you’re amazing. Where did you learn how to sew? I would be tempted to do something like this but I have no eye for design or colors or even sewing. Well mostly the fine motor control.

    Btw, i don’t know if this would help you at all (or would it be like giving in) but it might help if you just took a picture of the size/tag so people know from what size to what size you are turning things into. Although I still would be interested in the information regardless..

    Gosh your reworked clothes are so cute!

    1. Thank you so much! The biggest reason I don’t share size tags is that sizes change so much from decade to decade. In 1970’s clothes, I’m a 12, and in modern clothes I’m a 2-4. It’s just all so wildly inconsistent to the point of being irrelevant. :)

  6. I’d love to see a little more done with these dresses. I do love the length coming off, and you always make the right call with the sleeves, but the blousing personally looks horrid on me (though great on you) and I’m hoping to see what you can do with the waistlines of these dresses, which I might be able to use for myself. Also I am loving the two long ‘not-tubes’ that you made, and would love to see more like that! Thank you so much for showing us the new lives that these clothes can lead.

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