Gimme a(n Asymmetrical) V!

A Most Secretive Maxi Dress
Tangerine Dream Dress II!

When I plucked this rather stern-looking dress from its rack at one of my favorite $1 thrift stores, it was with a certainty that whatever I did to it would be an improvement!

Dour Jillian is dour.


Nothing fun, lively, or exciting has ever happened to anyone while wearing this dress.  I can just tell.  But it’s not all bad.  I like those stripes and that funky side button placket, and I just knew there was a flirty fun frock hiding in there somewhere!

I just couldn’t stand that collar or those sleeves though.  I grabbed my seam ripper and got to work!


Pick. Pick. Pick.


After an episode of , my picking was rewarded!


My foster pup doesn’t seem very impressed though. :/


Time to close up shop!  I pinned down the raw edges along the neckline and arm holes…


No longer in the raw!


And MORE pinnage!


…then I stitched the pinned parts down.




This dress is just a bit too big for me, so I took in each side 1″.


Pin, then stitch!


I cut off the extra fabric, and put the dress on my form. Now I needed to figure out how I wanted to restructure my new collarless neckline!

I pinned & played until I came up with this funky asymmetrical V!


Looking good!


This meant I had to let one of these little guys go.


Farewell, lil buddy!

I stitched my new neckline down, then decided to remove just a little bit of the length from the bottom of my new dress.


Just a smidgen!


After stitching a quick hem (and of course ironing everything), I was all done!


The final step!


I’m pretty thrilled with this one, you guys.  :)


Tres chic, no?


I accessorized my new dress with a red vintage belt that was my Grandmother’s, and a pair of patent cork wedges.  :)

My new dress was perfect for work…


Cubicle Selfie!


…and also perfect for after-work Birthday Party play!  ;)

Coming to NBC this Fall:  The Adventures of Jamie and Jilly!


The new “Water to Wine” Cooler really improved office morale!


That’s a piece of Angel Food Cake I’m holding btw. :)




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