Tangerine Dream Dress II!

Gimme a(n Asymmetrical) V!
Creativity, Fear, and Fun at the Mini Maker Faire!

Remember that time oh-so-very long ago when I dyed that one white dress to a tangerine hue with these?

Hey Guys! Remember us?


It was only a few days ago, but I’ll go ahead and refresh your memory.  Here ya go!



If you thought that dress took a dye bath all alone, you’re wrong!


Bathing Buddy!


This is a $1 thrifted find that I thought would work well for yet another sultry SC day.  It’s made of cotton jersey, and I love that pattern.  Sadly, was a little dingy and faded, which is why it went under the dye!

After its dye bath, I snipped off those straps from the back of the dress (still keeping them in tact on the front).




Then, I threw it on my dress form and pinned it in the back.


One seam is easier than two!


All it needed next was a quick whirrrrr!

The aforementioned Whirrrrrrrrr!


That’s it!  My summery halter dress was ready for a fun night with friends!

Such a sweet color combo!


Le back!


First, I met up with Erin and Katie () for the launch of ‘s new Kolsch (one of my favorite beer styles!).



Such refreshment!

We enjoyed our tasty brews until it was time to head over to , where Erin and I caught the opening night of !

Good…Bad…He’s the guy with the gun…er…chainsaw. :)


We weren’t scared!


Just chillin’ with some zombies. It’s no big thing!


I stand corrected!


The show was actually pretty terrific & hilarious! If you’re a fan of the , you should definitely check it out!




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