From Housecoat to Heavenly

A Patriotic Pinup Dress
Basil Dress

When I found this robe for $1, I was so happy!

I hide my emotions beneath a mask of goofy faces.


The embroidery around the neck is lovely, and that dark blue looks awesome with my pale skin and dark hair.  There’s soooo much potential here!  Also, let’s all take a moment to appreciate how flippin’ comfy this thing is and how easily I could have chosen to not refashion it and just wear it around the house (Ah!  Single life!).  ;)

Alas!  I’m not prepared to take such a big step into the land of spinsterhood, so this needed to become something more suited for a swingin’ single gal about town!  :)

First off, it’s nice and warm here in SC, so those sleeves were completely unnecessary.

Unpick these seams!


All that picking shall soon be rewarded!


It obviously needed some reshaping.

Pinning right along…


Bye lil pocket! :'(


I chopped off the extra fabric from the sides, then got to the length.  I was torn as to whether or not keep it as a maxi dress, but had completely forgotten to leave each side with enough room for me to walk without having to do the Morticia Addams thing.  No worries!  I dig a cute minidress, so off that length went!



I hemmed that bottom raw edge (sorry, forgot to snap a pic, but c’mon!  You’ve seen this before), then tackled those arm holes.

Pin & Whirrrrrr!!!!


I gave my fun new frock a fresh press and set out to enjoy my day!


Welcome to my humble abode!


A lot of you have commented on my vast belt collection lately.  These are all pretty much $1 thrift store finds.  Be sure to check out the belt section every time you go thrifting!  And keep in mind that you can always add on to or shorten a fabric belt (like I did here).  :)


Do you like my lilies?


This is when my neighbors started to judge me for having a tripod set up in my yard.


I enjoyed reading a wonderful book I’ve really gotten into…


…then I headed off to the , where I ran into a fellow USC Theatre Alum!

We <3 Soda City!


Later that day, I hopped over to to check out some local art & music!

I was so happy to see there!

Godzilla has an active lifestyle!


Everything is more joyful with Godzilla!


Such a lovely day!  I hope you’re all enjoying your Memorial Day Weekends as well!

It’s just soda water & lime. :)




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