Basil Dress

From Housecoat to Heavenly
The World's End Top

Here’s a sad & faded frock I’ve had on my refashion rack for a few months:

Osad. :/


At least it has pockets?  I don’t know.  This is a lousy dress, folks.  As I’m not a church lady from the 1980’s, this isn’t working for me…yet!

When I encounter a dress like this that I’m not quite sure what I want to do with, I’ve found that any step forward is probably in the right direction.

I started with those ghastly pads.

You’ll make a lovely sunglasses case!


Since the colors on this dress were oh-so-faded, I knew I needed to dip into some dye!


You two will do nicely!


Now, I didn’t use two whole bottles on one garment, as that would just be insane.  I only had a little bit of the Kelly Green leftover, and I tossed in about 1/4 of the Dark Green as well.  After about 40 minutes in the dye bath, I rinsed and dried my newly-dyed frock.  :)

Sadly, I was still far from done.  :/

It was time for some snippage!  First those sleeves needed to be made shorter & sweeter!


Snip #1!


Next, I needed to make it actually fit me.  Don’t worry!  The pockets were left in tact, but made just a little bit smaller!


Dress Forms: Get You One!


Sewing Machines: Get You One!


After cutting off that excess fabric with my pinking shears (Get You Some!), I still had a bit more snippage to do!

Snip #2!


We’re in the home stretch, folks!  Those raw edges needed to be tended to, and that’s exactly what I did!


Pin a hem!


Stitch a hem!


Now for the sleeves!  This is a 2 part process.

First, I got rid of those raw edges…




…then I folded the top part of each sleeve over itself, like so:


Pin it, then stitch it down!


This little trick makes my poufy sleeves more fitted, but a little poufier at the top.  Usually that’s a little twee for me, but I thought it worked well for this dress.

What do you think?

See my veggies in the background? :)


I’m quite pleased with them! :)


My new dress had fun at an apartment-warming party for a good friend who just moved to Columbia!  :)


Cole is one of the best people you will ever meet. :)


Of course, I didn’t come empty-handed.


A basil plant…for you!


My friends and I look forward to hanging out at Cole’s new digs, which we have coined “The Cole Train Depot”.  ;)


We look great here.


That’s just ginger ale by the way…


Rabid selfie!


So happy to have another lovely friend living in this swell city.  :)





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