Lady in Reeeeeed

The Blind Pepper
My Thursday Beats your Thursday.

When I found this multi-layered 80’s number, I happily snatched it up for $1.  How could I resist?


Lady in reeeeeeeed!


Oh dear.  Time to get a hacking!

Chop #1!


Next, I lopped off these guys!




Those sleeves were the next things to go!




I put the top part of the dress on my form, and pinned it.


Looking better…


I stitched each side down…




…then I tackled those arm holes!


Pin ’em!


Then Stitched ’em!


Almost done!


I wonder what I’ll do with the skirt part from this refashion…hmmmmnnn….:)

Now my new top is ready for a fun farewell fete at a farm for a couple of swell guys are are moving to Italy and Germany!  :)


So very comfy!


David seems a bit nervous about the big move…


…but Cal seems prepared for his new life in Germany!


I’m honestly not sure just what’s going on here.




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