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My Thursday Beats your Thursday.

If you’ve been hankering for me to take something that’s too small and somehow make it work (rather than just taking stuff in like I usually do), PAY CLOSE ATTENTION as I’m about to do that very thing!  ;)

I started with this stretchy skirt that I thought would fit just fine as is when I scored it for $1 at the thrift store.



Okay.  It’s not the most terrible thing ever, but it really is too snug and not very flattering for my pear-shaped frame.  It’s just not doing me any favors, you know?

If I really wanted to keep this as a skirt, I could add gussets to the sides to make it bigger, but I still don’t think I would like it very much.  For me, the best thing to do if something is too small, is to turn it into a completely different thing.

I got to snipping!

Bye elastic waisband!


I pulled the elastic part out of the waistband and put it aside.  It will no doubt come in handy for a future refashion!

Always harvest the elastic when you can!


Then, I turned the rest of the skirt upside-down and pinned it in two places, less than shoulder-width apart.



I stitched the pinned parts down, only about half and inch though.

Then, I gave the bottom of what was about to be my new top a new hem!

Fold under & pin!


I used a zigzag stitch, as I wanted to make sure the bottom part would be able to stretch over my hips.

Zig and Zag!


After a quick press, my new top was ready for a movie night with friends!  :)

A lil Flashdance off-the-shoulder action!


Mmmmmn! Lemon Basil Cheesecake Custard from !


You can see how I used the discarded waistband section as a waist-cinching mini-sash, and since I’m saving the elastic for future use, this is a totally no-waste refashion!  Huzzah!

I think my new top is reminiscent of Phillip Lim’s designs, but I’ll let you do and see if you agree.

The film was lovely…

Wes Anderson’s best, in my humble opinion.


…as was the company.



Of course the concessions were pretty great as well.

Beer? At the movies? Only at !


Methinks my creative juices are flowing again.  :)

…and I’m feeling rather smug about it.



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