Wannabe Wednesday: Midnight Tide Edition

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It's Cool. I Work Here.

I love !  I rarely order anything from them (I think I ordered a pair of shoes once), but I get tons of refashion inspiration from their lovely vintage-inspired dresses.

Take this gorgeous little number, their :

That’ll be $52.99

Alhtough I’m not Seated around a beach bonfire in this jersey-knit maxi, singing along to your pal’s guitar strumming as the moon shines above. Blah Blah Blah Blather Blather Blather… as the overly twee description of this frock suggests (), I still want this dress!

Sadly, all I had was this:

I despise neck tie thingies. :/

Luckily, all this dress needed was a couple of chops and a teensy bit of stitchery!

Sideways Chop!
Neck tie thingy chop!


Just a little whirrrrrrr!

I took the newly sewn-together neck tie thingy sash and tied it around my waist.

This whole refashion took less than 10 minutes!

Check it out!

Do you like it with my boots? :)

It was a bit chilly out, so I layered up with a thin cardigan.  :)

Comfy and cozy!

I wore my new frock to a fun & quirky production of at USC’s Center for Performance Experiment.  It’s a terrific play, it’s free of charge, and a man falls in love with a shark!  What more could you want?

I hope you’ll see it!

My new dress left me feeling quite celebratory, despite being nowhere near a beach or guitar-strumming companion.  ;)



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