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Wannabe Wednesday: Midnight Tide Edition
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I hardly ever go non-thrift clothes shopping anymore.  But when I did, my fellow customers would always come up to me and ask the same questions.

“Do you work here?”

“Can you help me find _____?”

“Do you have this in a Size __?”

Every time I went shopping this happened, not just on those awkward days when I entered Target while wearing khakis and a red shirt.  I didn’t get it.  I still don’t get it.  Usually I just play along and help them.  It’s kind of fun.  One time a lady rudely snapped at me, saying, “What does it take to get someone to start a dressing room for me around here?”  I politely took her armful of clothes, saying “No problem, Ma’am!”  Then I put each item in a different random place in the store and left.

When I found this $1 tee, it made me think of incidents like that.

I totally work here.

I have about a gazillion Tshirts, and I don’t really need another one.  But I was tickled by the idea of wearing a Staff shirt to random places.

Luckily, I had this dress:

It looks great with jeans!

Remember that dress I made last week?  Remember how I gave up on the idea of adding sleeves to it?  This dress was meant to be used for the sleeves.

I even dyed it with the other dress.

Sharing a (dye) bath is always so much more pleasant, don’t you think?

I chopped off the bottom part, and even cut out the pieces for the sleeves and did the required stay stitching and prep work…


…of course I ended up choosing to go sleeveless.

But what about the top part?  It would be a shame to just let it go to waste!

I gave my new top a quick lil hem, like so:


Then, I cut out the “Staff” part of that Tshirt, and pinned it to my new top!

I dig this color combo!

I stitched it down,using a zigzag stitch, and now my new top is ready to work!

Workin’ it!

I actually did do a good bit of work that day at my favorite “office”.  ;)

At ! :)

I was happy to have a friend join me when I was ready to clock out for the day.  :)

The glamorous life of the over employed! ;)


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