Jen’s Reader ReFash

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Happy Sunday, Everybody!  I hope yours is as delightfully relaxing as mine.  :)

This week’s Reader ReFash comes from Jen over at (Isn’t that just a lovely name for a blog?).

She started with this two-piece dress she purchased from Etsy.


I took a two-piece dress I ordered online a few years ago (that has never really fit very well, I can be picky about fit) and turned it into two separate pieces. I also added some of my favorite fabrics to both pieces to make them a little more interesting and give them some print. I called it the “Two-Piece Disappointment Dress”.

Here’s the fabric she used:

I really like the retro vibe of this one!

And here’s what she made from it!

Jen, your wrist tattoo is adorable. :)

I really like what she did with those bits of printed fabric (I think I’ll try something similar soon).

You can read more about this refashion on !

Well done, Jen!


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