Wannabe Wednesday: Johnny Was Edition

Wannabe Wednesday: Michelle Mason(ish) Edition
A No-Sew Sweater for Douglas!

Brrrrrrr!  This winter has been ridiculously over-the-top cold here in SC!  When we finally got a bit of snow for the first time in three years, I knew I wanted something comfy and cozy to lounge around in for a Snow Day with friends.  :)

I wished I had something like one of these lovely tunics by :


Sadly, the closest thing I had in my refash stash was this:

Awesome, no?

That red is great, the beaded neckline is gorgeous, and I loved the pintucks/pleats on the front of this piece.  All those details are very similar to the boho details of the Johnny Was tunics, but it wasn’t quite there yet.

A few chops were necessary.

Farewell, pads!
Buh-bye weirdo tie thingies!
Chop x 3!

I hemmed that bottom raw edge…


I decided to go with the 3/4 sleeves of the bottom tunic.  I rolled the bottoms into 1″ cuffs, pressed them, the stitched them down on the bottom seam.


After pressing my new tunic, I was ready for a lovely (though chilly) day off!

I do so love a warm fire! :)

Here’s a closer look at my new top!

Pretty, no?

As I hate being cold, this is about as close as I got to playing in the snow:

Snow is cold, y’all!

But I enjoyed looking at it from inside while sipping on a few of these:

Mmmmmm! White Russians! :)

I think my new top is an alright copycat!  :)


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48 thoughts on “Wannabe Wednesday: Johnny Was Edition

  1. The tunic is great :) Especially I love that it’s red.
    By the way, your weather seems really warm, since I faced a -20 C (-4 F) this morning and my car refused to start.
    With warm wishes from Estonia.

  2. I love this! Why have I never thought of this?? I’m long on top, so thrift store tops are always too short. I’m going to have to start looking at the dresses instead!

  3. Hey this one turned out great, I am going to go after some really old dresses hiding in the attic, I can do that to those, before I toss them all…
    Edith YourChicagoConnection
    You think you have it bad with the weather where you are, try the larger Chicago Area.
    This winter is ……………….well there are no good words for it…

  4. OMGosh I thought of you the other day, I bought this BEAUTIFUL wool coat and in it was the MOTHERLOAD of shoulder pads. Girl I’m 5’3 and those things were as long as my fore arm and as round as one of beyonce’s butt cheeks! It was ENORMUS!

  5. Darling refashion! But seeing you wearing 3/4 length sleeves on a “cold” day tickles me. Here on the Olympic Peninsula that would be a “warm” winter day. I guess we’re not going to see a lot of heavy sweater and cardigan refashions?

    1. I agree completely, 3/4 sleeves on a cold day just made no sense to me. It’s not cold if you can expose your arms. The 3/4 sleeves do match the new top style though, it might have been too red without them. :)

  6. Very nice job on this refash! I am wondering about your beautiful necklace…I think you’ve worn it in other photos. Is it vintage?

  7. Amazing as ususal!

    I heard of a new book that made me think of you:

    Mending and fixing are must have skills for re-purposing and extending the life of clothes!

  8. I’ve been casually reading your blog forever and I must say, you have so much talent! I have really started to look at “ugly” clothes in a different light since reading your blog and seeing how you have transformed so many garments! Also, one of my best friends just moved from Missouri to South Carolina a few months ago and she has been updating us on the snow! Hopefully, you’ll get back to normal weather soon! I hope this is alright, but I nominated you for a Liebster award.

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