A No-Sew Sweater for Douglas!

Wannabe Wednesday: Johnny Was Edition
Wannabe Wednesday: Ressica Edition

Remember the Trace & Stitch Dress I refashioned for my trip to Asheville a few months ago?  Here…let me jog your memory.


I dug the dress, but just couldn’t come up with a good way to save the jacket part…until a surprisingly chilly day when my little Douglas didn’t want to go outside, that is!

First, I cut off one of the sleeves!

A simple chop!

Then, I cut a hole through both sides of the sleeve that was big enough for Dougie’s legs to fit through.

Holey Moley!

THEN, I trimmed off the part of the sleeve that was too long for my pup.  :)

Just one more chop!

Just look at my comfy cozy pooch now!  :)

Snug & Warm!

This sleeve trick is great for Dachshunds, as they’re usually too long for normal dog sweaters.  Normal dog clothes tend to make them look like little puppy strippers wearing midriff-bearing crop tops :/

Luckily, Dougie gets to stay classy AND warm during this cold snap!  ;)

Thanks, Mom! :)



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