Wannabe Wednesday: Ressica Edition

A No-Sew Sweater for Douglas!
Send in the Clowns Vol. 2

Hello!  As you can see there are some big changes happening here at SlipsKnute!  I have a few more tweaks to make to the new site, so just bear with me for a few more days, okay?  :)

But in the meantime, Let’s get to Wannabe Wednesday, shall we?

I was inspired by the .

That’ll be $78.


Little Miss Blonde & Limbsome’s top is all sorts of Boho awesomeness, but could I make a similar top from this $1 thrifted dress?

Seems unlikely, eh?


To get started, I removed some paddage!

Check out those massive pads!

Then, I chopped of the sleeves a bit.

Chop! And Chop!


I threw this pleated nightmare on my dress form and started pinning.

Do you see what I’m doing wrong here?


I stitched it down…

A mistaken whirr!


I became exhausted dealing with all the pleats of the skirt, so I went ahead and chopped it off.



What I failed to think of was how that lining/pleats combo needed to be separated in order to be made not super-duper bulky and weird.  :/

I cut off the excess material and discovered my top was looking fairly awful.

Sooooo…I cut out the lining and re-took the whole thing in again.

A restorative whirrrrr!


I hemmed the raw edges, like so:

A better whirrrrrr!


And now my new top isn’t quite identical to the original, but after the frustrations of slippery fabric, nightmarish pleats, and an annoying lining, it’ll do.  :)

Look! You get to see my lil guest bedroom! :)


Look! You get to see my most vapid model face! :)




Original Price:  $78

Copycat Price:  $1

Savings:  $77!

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