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This week’s Reader ReFash comes from Trish in New Jersey!  It’s a good bit chilly there.  I mean, that town will rip the bones from your back!  It’s a suicide rap!  She’s gotta get out while she’s young!

Sorry…too much Bruce Springtsteen at too young an age!  New Jersey is actually quite lovely, I hear (They don’t call it the garden state for nothin’).

Anywho…Trish had these two coats:

Two Coats…both alike in dignity.

I’ve been seeing trenches with leather sleeves and have really wanted one but wasn’t willing to spend the money on another coat. I knew this would be a cool project for class but didn’t have the pieces until I raided my old clothes at my parents house.

My sister had a pleather jacket that she used to wear from Limited Too (just to give you an idea of how old that coat is) and I had an olive-ish trench that I just never wore. Fortunately my mind put the two together!


Isn’t this awesome?
It’s gorgeous from the back as well!
Sleeve close-up!

And here’s Trish in her gorgeous creation!

Awesome job, Trish!

You can read more about this refashion on Trish’s blog, !

Well done, Trish!


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