Merry Christmas to Y’all!

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A Daring Dessert Dress!

I’d sort of been dreading the holidays this year.  I hadn’t made any real plans and thought I’d just ignore Christmas.  But then I got a call from a good friend who’s also had a lot to deal with this year and just wanted to lay low and have a casual holiday without any familial pressures.  We’d hang out, I’d make French food, and we’d watch scary movies before heading off to a friend’s bonfire party.

It was a brilliant idea.  :)  Buuuuut…I needed something festive to wear!

I chose this evergreen frock right here:

A lovely Christmasy green!

I usually find lace-up backs on dresses to be quite dated, but I thought this one looked festive and elf-like, so I let it stay.

I dunno…It’s kind of cute!

French cooking is insanely time-consuming.  I decided to tackle Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon…which takes hours to prepare.

In other words, this refashion had to be quick!

First, I got rid of those huge shoulder pads.

Snip and Snip!

Then, I cut off that length!

Tip: If you fold the cut-off part over while you snip, your hem will be totally even. :)

My new dress was ready to receive my guests…yep…I decided to invite a few other cool people over too!

Comfy & Festive!
These guys!

They devoured the Beef Bourguignon!

But who wouldn’t?
Such a lovely day with lovely people! :)
Yes…my dining room is also my sewing room. ;)
Douglas looks concerned…

My Christmas ended up being surprisingly merry.  :)

This is me being merry, okay?

I hope each of you also managed to find your own sort of happy this holiday season.  :)


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