A Daring Dessert Dress!

Merry Christmas to Y'all!
Danika's Reader ReFash!

My favorite thing about the holidays is getting together with friends.  When my friends Fredric and Sandy invited me over for their Christmas Dessert Party, I of course said yes. Dessert + Party?  Oh yeah!

Sadly, the only party attire I could scrounge up was this:

Those SLEEVES! The horror!

What the what?!?  I look like I just stepped out of a Dynasty rerun!

I IMMEDIATELY removed those shoulder pads…

Big honkin pad!

…but quickly realized that shoulder situation was even more complicated than I had originally thought!

Fluffy things!

More poufage had to go!  It took a while to unpick the seams of the sleeves, but it was well worth it.

Pick. Pick. Pick….etc.
Later losers!

Whew!  Now we’re getting somewhere.

I pinned those raw edges from where I removed the sleeves under…


…then I stitched it all down!


Almost done!  This dress didn’t fit quite cozily enough for my tastes, and I had some huge armholes to take care of.  Luckily this was a two birds/one stone scenario!

I turned my new dress inside-out, plopped it on my dress form, and pinned it to make it just as curve-hugging as I wanted it to be.

Shaping up quite nicely!

All that was left to do was sew down those sides!

I was already running late at this point, btw!

…and now that pouftastic atrocity is an LBD fit even for Audrey Hepburn (or at least an Aubrey Hepburn somewhere)! ;)

I just love a good little black dress! :)

I accessorized my new frock with a pretty thrifted belt and a pair of my fave red platforms.

It was great getting to see some of my loveliest friends!

She’s the hostess with the mostest! :)
Hi Ron!

I thought I had the most fabulous shoes at the party, until I spied Ron’s hand-painted creations!

That’s what you do when you spill wine on a pair of white canvas shoes!
It’s a picture of me taking the previous picture! How meta!
Such a happy evening! :)
Even Buckley had a great time!

I hope your Holiday Season has also been filled with happiness, loved ones, and good cheer! :)


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