Gotta Love December in the South!

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Some days, I’m reminded of why I love living in the South.  Especially on December days that somehow climb to 70+ degree temperatures.  :)

Unfortunately, My wardrobe has already been swapped over to wintery things.  Fortunately, I had this laying around!

Fetching, no?

As I hadn’t anticipated this warm spell, I only had a short time to complete this refashion.

I got to chopping!

Another chop!
One more chop!

And now that muumuu is much better off as a cute dress!

Much improved!

It got slightly cooler in the evening, so an extra layer became necessary.

Warm & Cozy!

I happily wore my new frock to a lovely birthday dinner for a good friend.  :)

Happy Birthday, David! :)
Gotta have friends!


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11 thoughts on “Gotta Love December in the South!

  1. Today is well above 70 here in Summerville, SC. I’m from Wisconsin, moved here in August of this past summer. I wonder if I’ll ever get to wear my snugly warm stuff again? Anyway, I like the dress and I wondered what you will do with that interesting piece you cut off the bottom. One of those infinity scarves perhaps?

  2. I’m loving this outfit! Especially the tights and boots combination with the dress. I absolutely HAVE to find out where you got those boots!

  3. Nice job, I do love border prints though and was hoping to see you use it.
    I have a question about your refashions in general… Do you purchase clothes in your proper size or do you just purchase what catches your eye and work with what you have when you refashion them?
    I sure wish it was 70 degrees in Seattle.

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