Gotta Love December in the South!

Danika's Reader ReFash!
Into the Awkward!

Some days, I’m reminded of why I love living in the South.  Especially on December days that somehow climb to 70+ degree temperatures.  :)

Unfortunately, My wardrobe has already been swapped over to wintery things.  Fortunately, I had this laying around!

Fetching, no?

As I hadn’t anticipated this warm spell, I only had a short time to complete this refashion.

I got to chopping!

Another chop!
One more chop!

And now that muumuu is much better off as a cute dress!

Much improved!

It got slightly cooler in the evening, so an extra layer became necessary.

Warm & Cozy!

I happily wore my new frock to a lovely birthday dinner for a good friend.  :)

Happy Birthday, David! :)
Gotta have friends!


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