Dreaming of a White (Elephant) Christmas!

Into the Awkward!
1 Frumpy Dress = 1 Funky Sweater + 1 Fab Miniskirt!

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the White Elephant Christmas party my friends throw every year!  As you all know by now, I love a good party, and adding a silly surprise element only makes it better!

Speaking of silly surprises, check out this heavily beshoulderpadded top I found for $1 (just assume I only spend $1 on any of my pre fashions, okay?) at a fave thrift shop!

Blousey, no?

I like that pleating on the front of this top, and that blue hue is lovely, but the rest?  Meh!

I started chopping away!

Begone pads!
Farewell, weird fluffy shoulder thing and sleeves!

My new top was missing a button, but I wasn’t too worried about that.  I wouldn’t be needing any of them pretty soon.

I’ll just save you guys for later!

Whew!  All that chopping is fun, but it left me with a bunch of tacky raw edges to take care of!


Next, I took in each side by about 2″.


I cut off my excess material, and now I have a fabulous vest/tunic hybrid thing that I can wear over a dress or over a top and pants!

I opted for a dress and tights!

I accessorized with a funky pin, a skinny belt, and a pair of brogues!

Of course my pal’s daughter, Ava makes the perfect accessory!

Baby Photobomb!

My present was wrapped with care.  ;)

Mystery is exciting!!!!!!!!

…and Jacques seemed to like it as well!

I’m just a little scared…

But everyone’s gifts were quite special…

Jamie looooves My Fair Lady (on VHS)!
I’m definitely seeing a movie theme here…
Sell it!
This one is waaay too nicely wrapped!
This one is waaaay too practical.
This one is waaaay too literal!

I think the gift I received might just be the best one…

Gotta brush up on my Elvish! ;)

…although Ava wore it better.  :/

Even Miley showed up! ;)


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