A Funky Fall Frock!

Erica's Maternity Reader ReFash!
Don't it Make My Red Dress Blue

Wow.  You guys are the most supportive & sweet friends a lucky-at-refashioning, but unlucky-in-love blogger could ask for!  Thanks for all of your wonderful words of support.  They really do help.  :)

I want to give another round of thanks to everyone who voted for me in the !  I somehow managed to dance the Viennese Waltz without falling or mangling myself in any way!  :)  I’m still waiting on the photos and video from the event, but as soon as I get it, I’ll be sharing it with you (Anticipation is exciting.).  I didn’t win the contest, but from all the votes you guys sent in, I feel like a winner.  Plus, you’ve helped everyone here in South Carolina breathe a little easier!  :)

While I can’t show you my refashioned ball gown (yet), I can show you this!


This dress wants to be awesome, and it’s almost there!  That print is awesome, and it actually fits me okay, but the skirt part is really too long to be fun, the neckline is stifling, and I wasn’t feeling the sleeve length either.

Chopping ensued!


Then, I cut a straight line down that too-high neckline and pinned it down.

See where I’m going here?

I stitched down each side of my new V…


This still left the bottom point of the V a sad and vulnerable raw edge.  No worries!  First, I folded the two sides of the V together, like so:


Then, I stitched it down!

Just a quick lil stitch!

Now we’re getting somewhere!  I pinned those sleeves under…

Measure it to keep it even!

…Then gave them new hems!

Sleeve hemming in progress!

I took that bottom scrap and cut off the extra fabric above the hem to make an easy sash!


I’ve gotta tell you, I got TONS of compliments while wearing this dress!

Whine over a breakup, or wine over a breakup? The choice is yours. ;)

I’m really happy for awesome friends who make sad times much more bearable.  :)

Friends like Erin here. :)

I’m also thankful for happy signs from the Universe that maybe everything will actually be okay.

I usually hate litter, but this little guy sure cheered me up. :)


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35 thoughts on “A Funky Fall Frock!

  1. I totally LOVE this dress! Even the before had me at hello – something wow and wonderful about that print. It’s SO retro and so fabu, I knew it would be amazing once done. SO glad you don’t have to give your things away anymore because this really is a keeper. Hope you enjoyed your dancing and I look forward to your video with bated (really who has unbated?) breath! Glad to hear you can “wine” with the best of them!

  2. Cute dress! Whine vs wine? Why choose? Drink wine while you whine. Works for me… I was sorry to hear about your breakup. That is never easy.

  3. Fabulous refash of a great print. I’m petite like you and always wonder if I can rock busy prints but you show how to alter them so they don’t overwhelm. Wine all you want. It will get better!

  4. Now I see you have an R&K Original-original! That was a stellar brand of garment and the vintage fabric is jaw droppingly happy. You’re lucky to own this piece.

  5. Wonderful! I hope you can treat yourself to an over-locker soon to bind those raw edges. They really are a useful tool to have. Just keep being wonderful, someone will come by soon who is the bullion to the others’ gold dust xxx

  6. GROOVY BABY!!!!!!

    You so totally rock the 60’s look!!!

    Glad to see you are winning, hurting sucks but you’ll get there xx

  7. That dress is hot & awesome = hawsome! I’m in Minnesota, so of course I have a special place in my heart for long, warm sleeves, so I would have left them. But you made it very cute, and you’re rocking it with those boots and tights! (I vote for wine.)

  8. I enjoy your blog. I’m a grandma, but have fun seeing your pictures. I always buy things I’m going to fix up, but it never gets done. You are inspiring me.

  9. You look awesome, your refashioned dress looks awesome and you are awesome. Hang in there, sad times are tough and that’s when you can count on real friends like you have.
    Anne xx

  10. This an awesome dress that looks amazing on you!!! The perfect dress to get back up on your dating feet. From someone that is also unlucky in love, you can never give up. Your love is out there looking for you and he hasn’t given up yet either. If you’ve ever been truly in love then you know what you want and need and you cannot settle for less!! Keep your chin up and keep being your amazing self!! He’ll show up just in time.

  11. You have a great eye for the changes that will transform a piece to look great on you! Also, a great eye for styling your refashions – love the boots and tights.

  12. That dress is fabulous and so are you! Keep your head up and know that you are not alone. See the breakup as more time to bond with your sewing machine…lol! Stay positive and be encouraged!

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