From Frumpy Dress to Funky Sweater!

Don't it Make My Red Dress Blue
Dress to Top and Fun Life Things!

Hiya!  Wow!  No posts in over a week!  What the heck?!?

Ugh.  I’ve been crazy busy lately with taking care of any loose ends at my old job so I can go to my new one, as well as a bit under the weather with some awful lung gunk that’s been circulating around Columbia, SC.

But I’m back!  And I want to show you my newest $1 dress!

So warm!

I love that dark blue and those bracelet-length sleeves!  I was also intrigued when I discovered I’m a size 12!

Don’t you wish all garments listed measurements instead of just arbitrary sizes?

With temps dropping below freezing, I just couldn’t bring myself to keep this as a dress.  Plus, !  Do you know what I don’t have nearly enough of?  Cozy warm sweaters!

A big chop had to happen!

Douglas supervised!

Don’t worry!  I have plans for that bottom scrap!

I got to hemming the bottom of my new sweater.  I used a zigzag stitch and stitched riiiiight on the edge of my new hem to keep it from fraying.


Yay!  My sweater was done…but it wasn’t terribly exciting.  :/  So, I reached for my spool ‘o ribbon and cut off two different lengths.

Here we go!

Next, I stitched each raw edge of each piece of ribbon down.

Mini-whirrrrrr! ;)

I pinned the ribbon bits onto my sweater…

First pin…

…then I stitched them both down!

…then stitch!
Then repeat! :)

I pressed my ribbon accents down, and my new sweater was ready to head off to hang out with my friend, !

Pretty neat, eh?
Well…wouldja look at that?

I really like this one!  I think my new sweater is sort of a more modern take on a 1960’s style!

My new friend agrees!

After hanging out for a bit at Michael’s studio, we hopped on over to for some yummy seasonal cocktails!  :)

So relish!

The weather outside was frightful, but we stayed happy and cozy with our warming libations!


Michael and I have a pretty exciting collaboration coming up that I can’t wait to share with you (mystery is exciting!)


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