A Trace & Stitch Dress!

Dress to Top and Fun Life Things!
Midnight at the Mountain Oasis: A Dress to Top ReFashion!

Happy Halloween Everyone!  :)  Ghouls might prowling about during their one day vacay from the netherworld, but this dress would probably scare them off!  :)

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

It gets better!  This one’s a two-piecer!

Double the horror!

It gets even BETTER!  This dress is a bizarre combination of velvet and thermal fabric!

What the What?!?

I didn’t even want to think of what the heck I was going to do with that jacket part yet!  Ugh!

Soooo…I started working on the dress.

First, I separated the velvet top from the thermal skirt.  Ne’er the two shall meet again (at least not under my watch!)!

Gotta keep ’em separated!

Then, I pulled out a dress I own that fits me really well, and a bit of chalk.  Next, I traced the dress onto the skirt and drew on some sleeves as well!

Prepare your mind to be blown!

When I removed the dress, it looked like this:


I pinned along the chalked line…

Pin it right there on the floor! :)

Then, I cut off all that extra fabric to make my dress easier to work with!  I also went ahead and cut open my sleeve holes.


I stitched my new seams down, then stitched down that top part that was still open.  I made sure to leave a nice neck hole.  Since I was using the original hem, I didn’t need to worry about finishing the edge.

Hello Future Sleeve!

I did have to add a hem to the bottom of my new dress though!

A brand new hem!

And here’s what that once-scary dress looks like now!

BOO! ;)

Okay…here’s a better look!

Not too shabs!

My new dress was perfect for a tour of the !

If you can ever take this tour, you should!

I was deeply impressed with the effort the owners make to create their chocolate masterpieces ethically & organically.  :)  If you’re ever in the Asheville area, you should definitely !

Totally hyped up on chocolate!!!
Erin is not impressed by my vogueing. :/

After nibbling all sorts of marvelous chocolate, I developed a headache, and needed a painkiller.

I’m not talking aspirin, folks.  I’m talking :

Yes. That sugar cube is on fire!

This delightful cocktail cured all ills!  ;)

Our pains are gone!

Later that night, we caught !  :)

Layered up outside! :)
Don’t worry. Trent is just as angry as he ever was!


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