A New Blue ReFashion!

Carrying a Torch Dress
Sheri's Reader ReFash/ Let's Add Some Sleeves!

When I found this crisp blue dress, I completely fell for the pintucked & buttoned neckline.

Trust me. This is my “I’m in love” face.

Sadly, this dress is a poor fit for me, and the length is awful.  :/  Plus, it was coming apart at the seams!

C’mon dress! Get it together!

Luckily, this is a pretty straightforward and simple refash.  :)  By taking my new dress in on the sides, I fixed the hole problem.

Just an inch or so on each side. :)
My sewing table is a disaster area right now!

After I took it in and chopped off the extra fabric from the sides with my pinking shears, I tried my dress on, and pinned it where I wanted the hem to go.  More chopping followed!

Now we’re getting somewhere!

I hemmed that raw edge and gave the whole thing a nice and thorough press!

I think my new dress looks like it could have jumped out of or (two of my favorite inspiration sites) , but you can be the judge!

Positively ModClothian!


Closeup of that awesome neck detailing!

I wore my fun vintage-y frock for a night with friends, both human and canine!  :)

Why so serious?
Meet Chester! I kind of wanted to steal him…


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