Elephants on Parade: From MuuMuu to Pre-Fall Top!

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Scrub Upcycle!
From 80's Meh to 60's Mod!

Liz likes elephants.  Liz’s grandmother knows this, so she gave her this:

White Elephants on Parade!  :)
White Elephants on Parade! :)

While the thought behind this gift was very sweet, Liz felt guilty for keeping this muumuu that she knew she’d never wear, so she gave it to me!  :)

Don't worry, Elephants!  I'll give you a good home!
Don’t worry, Elephants! I’ll give you a good home!

I was thrilled!  I looooove a good muumuu refashion!

I also loved those elephants, but I didn’t love that stark black-and-white color combo.  You can probably guess what I did first!

This should be a nice color for early Fall!
This should be a nice color for early Fall!

I knew I couldn’t handle this busy of a print on a dress, so I did a bit of chopping!

Don't worry!  I saved that scrap!
Don’t worry! I saved that scrap!

Next, I began taking my new top in!

...and whirrrrr!
…and whirrrrr!

I ended up losing the pockets, but concessions must be made!

I'll miss you.  :(
I’ll miss you guys.  :(

My new top was looking better, but I didn’t like those poufy sleeves, so I cut them off!


As I cut the second sleeve, I managed to make quite a mess of it.  :/

Geez!  Was I paying attention AT ALL?
Geez! Was I paying attention AT ALL?

That’s what happens when you’re snipping late at night while watching Sherlock episodes on Netflix.

I blame you, Benedict Cumberbatch...you weird handsome alien!  :)
I blame you, Benedict Cumberbatch…you weird, handsome alien! :)

I certainly managed to Cumberbotch that up, eh (har har!)?  :D

I restitched that messed-up seam, and was back in business!

Totally fixable!
Totally fixable!

I pinned my new arm holes down, and stitched them up as well!


After adding a hem to the bottom of my new top, I was ready to head out to a friend’s art show!  :)

It's Michael Krajewski!  :)
It’s Michael Krajewski! :)
Wholly Moley!  :)
Wholly Moley! :)

I recently interviewed Michael for my column in MidlandsBiz, and I was really excited about his show!

Can't wait to see his work!
Can’t wait to see his work!

His paintings were just as awesome as I expected them to be!

Don't believe me? Go ask Alice!
Don’t believe me? Go ask Alice!
But wait...there's more!
But wait…there’s more!

I even managed to snag a couple of pics of the artist himself!

"Look at something over there!"
“Look at something over there!”
Michael explains his work.
Michael explains his work.

While perusing, I ran into my fellow Theatre Critic, August!

Everyone's a critic...or at least we are!  :)
Everyone’s a critic…or at least we are! :)

If you live in Columbia, SC and would like to see more of Michael’s work, be sure to swing by HoFP Gallery!

I do so enjoy Columbia's art scene!  :)
I do so enjoy Columbia’s art scene! :)



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